Reply to Ian Birrell: “Our image of Africa is hopelessly obsolete”, says Mr Ian Birrell, @ The Guardian


Selim Gool · Oslo University  I say:  Well now, Mr Birrell, I do not know if you have ever heard of “Combined and Uneven Development” in the Third World – due to capitalist financialization and primitive accumulation, which leads to this VERY NOTICEABLE phenomenom you describe- the educated children of the new elites sit now on the sidewalk cafes and download new iTunes on their iPhones, iPads, and iMacs (“Yea, we are not cheapos, they proclaim!”) while their parents participate in the new wealth-providing ventures that the foreign-based companies they work for provide! Results? Enormous wealth and privilege at the one pole and extreme poverty and under/ un-employment of the “have-nots” of the uneducated semi-literate in the shanty towns!

Oh, you were asleep in that particular lecture…. well, you ignorance is NOT bliss boyo!



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see: briefly: Born in Cape Town, South Africa; moved to Sweden in1969 and completed studies in 1983, then moved to Norway and then to S.A. in 1993 - back to Norway in 2005, and been there ever since! E-mail: Web Page: zcommunications/zspace/selcool In My Own Words: ¨ South African born ex-academic now retired, exiled and beyond redemption? Interests South African political economy and history; International Socialism and Marxist/Anarchist thought; anti-militarism and ecological questions My draft autobiography (ALL the "closet secrets" in the open! @ Aslo view:

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